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About Natural Mineral Makeup
As a cosmetologist, I wanted to share some of my findings/experience with you concerning natural mineral makeup. Natural mineral makeup has been around a few years, but it seems the average person ...- in Beauty
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The Benefits of Jogging
Aside from the health benefits jogging or running imparts, there are also many psychological benefits to a regular running or jogging program. Some of these include the confidence and character that r...- in Beauty
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5 Easy Ways for Parents to Spice Up The Intimacy
Are you married? If you are, are you also a parent? If you are married and a parent, how is your sex life? Depending on the age of your children and the size of your family, it might not be great. Man...- in Beauty
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Fragrance Lamps are the Perfect Way to Fill Your Room with Freshness
Fragrance lamps are a great choice if you'd like to not only scent your home with a pleasing aroma, but eliminate those not so pleasing aromas as well. A fragrance lamp works by having an open flame f...- in Beauty
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My old Television vs a new Plasma TV
I don't have a working television. Not one which works properly and actually shows live TV. It used to pick up a signal when I lived in London, but doesn't have any means to be tuned into the signal n...- in Beauty
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When Shoe Shopping Equals Remortgage
Every season there is one shoe that I totally covet. Last season, it was the mid length cowboy boot which was perfect for my shorter legs. I just couldn't decide between the flat version and the block...- in Beauty
Rating : 4.50

Tips for a Healthier You.
We are all aware of the importance of living a healthy life. But what with the fast paced lives we all live in modern society it can sometimes be hard to balance that with a healthy lifestyle. Good he...- in Beauty
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Over 125 products recalled in salmonella outbreak in U.S.
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration said on Wednesday it has recalled at least 125 products in connection with the salmonella outbreak. The FDA said the products included cookies, ice cream a...- in Beauty
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Symbols of sacred geometry as jewelry
Mathematics is the universal language, something that cannot be argued with. An exact science that provides the results you are seeking no matter the circumstances in which it is applied. While many a...- in Beauty
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Strengthen your ankles with yoga
Despite being small and seemingly delicate, the ankle joint bears our entire body weight. Keeping it fit and functional is important for our general well-being. Since it is easily injured by overuse...- in Beauty
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Yoga mudras for general health
Mudras are yogic short-cuts to health. There are several mudras directed at specific health issues, emotional upsets and spiritual goals. But most of them also come with a caveat: not all may be c...- in Beauty
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Jewelry in Jewish tradition
There are many cultures around the world that have a great past behind them. Even if that past is filled with lots of unpleasant events, the believers have struggled and survived, just to become stron...- in Beauty
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Yoga for fun
In India, at least, yoga as seen more as therapy and less as an enjoyable activity. Unfortunately, this makes it more of a chore that needs to be done. Not many see it as a fun way to boost one...- in Beauty
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Instant stress relief with yoga
Yoga's most important impact is it's ability to tackle stress. Some special poses are particularly effective as de-stressors. Keeping this set handy will help you gain an immediate sense of con...- in Beauty
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Jewelry pendants – made to bring joy to people
Each person’s life needs a big dose of joy once in a while. Contrary to popular beliefs, wealth doesn’t make people happy. They don’t have to worry about putting food on the table or having a ro...- in Beauty
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