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The Sexiest Celeb Bodies
British actress Kelly Brook has beaten Hollywood beauty Megan Fox to claim the top spot for the star with the sexiest body.[br /] [br /] Brook, known for her curvy figure, topped the poll taken by...- in Entertainment

Urvashi Sharma's sexy makeover
Almost two years back, the extremely sizzling Urvashi Sharma scorched the big screen with her debut film Naqaab opposite Bobby Deol and Akshaye Khanna.[br /] [br /] So much so, that she was touted...- in Entertainment

I love being known as a sex symbol
Dressed in lemon yellow hot pants and a tee, Minissha Lamba, curled up on the sofa while her hair dresser kept easing, twisting and turning around her shoulder-length tresses with a blower throughout ...- in Entertainment

The safest countries in the world - New Zealand
The Antipodean islands have long been regarded as one of the best places to live. New Zealand has always been near the top of the Global Peace Index. The 2009 Global Peace Index ranks New Zealand as t...- in Mix up

Women with the world's sexiest assets
A list featuring the world's top 50 famous breasts has been released, and it includes the likes of Liz Hurley, Keeley Hazell, Scarlett Johansson, Paris Hilton, Gemma Atkinson and Pamela Anderson.[br /...- in Entertainment

Hollywood's hottest girls
Yes, girls.[br /] [br /] Not young women, not interesting actresses -- we're talking hot girls, and while they may be more than just scorching bodies, that's the important part to get on this list...- in Entertainment

World's most powerful celebs
Angelina Jolie has overthrown Oprah Winfrey by becoming the world's most powerful celebrity in the annual list compiled by business magazine Forbes.[br /] [br /] Oprah, the talk-show queen, topped...- in Entertainment

Bollywood hotties get super sexy
Size zero, Atkins diet, yoga, aerobics... call it what you will, but celebs, especially the ladies, are looking slimmer and fitter these days.[br /] [br /] While some are motivated to lose weight ...- in Entertainment

Shamita Shetty's got the oomph!
She might not have her sister's experience but Shamita's certainly got the oomph! She's managed to scorch us all the way from South Africa.[br /] [br /] It took some trying to get through to the y...- in Entertainment

The magic of the Zoozoos
It had Big Brother indoctrinating people in an auditorium when a woman athlete comes running in and hits the screen with a hammer. The commercial ends with the line '1984 will not be 1984 ever again' ...- in Bussiness