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Julius Caesar
Julius Caesar was a Roman general. His father Gaius Caesar and uncle Marius were in favor of the Popular Party.

Julius Caesar also wanted to enter politics. So, he started from the ...
Napoleon Buonaparte
Attempt on Life

On Christmas eve in 1800, the First Consul Napoleon Bonaparte, his wife and other members of his family and friends had planned to attend Haydn's 'Creation' a...
Neil Armstrong
NASA named Armstrong commander of the most historic space flight – Apollo 11. He was chosen to command the world’s first lunar landing. At 9:12 p.m. of July 16, 1969, with more than a million people w...
Rani Laxmibai
Kingdom of Jhansi

Jhansi, a small town of four-and-a-half mile in circumference forms a part of hilly central Indian region of Bundelkhand. It has a unique geography. To its no...
Shivaji, free at last of the anxiety of his father’s capture, was prepared to strike a fresh blow. Shivaji reigned almost on entire Deccan. He had regained all the Maratha kingdoms in the area except ...
Napoleon Bonaparte
At the age of 10 Napoleon entered the military academy at Brienne, France. His first few months there were a nightmare with the other children teasing him for his strange name, his foreign accent and ...
Richard Dicky Barrett
Towards the end of 1827, Barrett and Love again returned to New Zealand. This time they carried with them guns, ammunition and heavy cannon. They traveled down the coast to Taranaki and were soon met ...
The flamboyant Unsinkable Molly
Maggie's father, John Tobin, fled Ireland when the potato famine was in its height, and came to America. The Tobins were poor and Mrs. Tobin died within a short time. John moved to Hannibal, Missouri ...
Anne of Austria
When Richelieu represented her as wishing to divorce Louis to marry another Anne was compelled to appear before the king's counsel to answer this charge. Her dignity here came to her aid and she would...
Victoria Alexandrina
Queen Victoria is often considered England’s most noble queen. She was born the daughter of the duke of Kent and Princess Victoria of Saxe-Coburg in 1819. Her coming to the throne is of great ...
Genghis Khan
Genghis Khan left behind a legacy of skilled and powerful military forces. On his death, the huge Mongol Empire was split among his three surviving sons. Fortunately unlike some other royal fa...
General Douglas MacArthur
His Strategy for Success

MacArthur was multifaceted. A brilliant strategist, a brave soldier, a farsighted leader, a strewed administrator and a gorgeous figure, he...
Benito Mussolini
Fascism originated from the Latin word fasces, meaning a bundle of sticks with a projecting axe-blade used as a totem of power in ancient Rome.

Mussolini is considered the F...
Neither a thoughtless sentiment nor a mere chivalrous regard for their valor dictated Akbar’s treatment of the Rajputs. Akbar realized early in life that his own clan, officials and followers served t...

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