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Jean Baudrillard
Baudrillard’s writings also present an increasingly real simulation of an inevitable calamity. In his book “Transparency”, Baudrillard notes that although virtual interfacing facilitates community by ...
Francois Marie Arouet, Voltaire
Voltaire ! A name that excites the admiration of men, the malignity of priests…Pronounce that name…from the mouth of forgiveness will pour a Niagara of vituperation and calumny. And yet Voltaire was t...
Rene Descartes
Descartes’ greatest contribution to mathematics was the invention of co-ordinate geometry. The idea came to his mind while watching a fly crawling around on the ceiling. He realized that the fly’s pos...
Ralph Emerson
The Divinity School address sound innocuous enough to our ears today. It called for religious self-reliance, telling us not to depend on the worn out doctrines pass...

Now, how do the dialogues fit into Plato's programme? The first thing we must be aware of is that Socrates, Plato's beloved master, never wrote a page, and tha...
Khalil Gibran
A man can be free without being great, without being free.You have helped me in my work and in myself. And I have helped you in your work and in yourself. And I am grateful to heaven for this you-and-...
John Stuart Mill
Mill was extremely straightforward in his approach to life. His contributions have had significant influence upon contemporary English. He had also done justice to various issues during his time by be...
John Locke
When John Locke died in 1704, he left an escritoire filled with his personal papers to his cousin Peter King, who rose to be Lord Chancellor of England.

Locke, by virtue of his temp...
John Dewey
Theory of Knowledge :

John Dewey's philosophical interests as well as the central focus of his philosophical works, throughout his lifelong career was what has been tradition...
Jiddu Krishnamurti
Jiddu Krishnamurti was born in Mandanapalle, A.P., India, on May 12th, 1895.

For more than 60 years he travelled the world giving interviews to millions of people of varied ages and...
Immanuel Kant
This intellectual giant was just five feet tall. His curved spine made him appear even shorter. He had to follow a strict regimen to survive his physical debility. One of his beliefs was that several ...
George Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

Many problems plague Hegel’s philosophy. However, possibly the most offensive to a modern reader is the apparent racism of Hegel’s historical analysis. One of many exampl...
Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
Foray Into Literature

During the 60s of the eighteenth century, the revolutionary outburst of Sturm and Drang was directed against the rule of pedantry
Geoffrey Chaucer
Geoffrey Chaucer did have some interesting events in his life. As he pursued many occupations in his lifetime, it was but natural that he should have some interesting moments to share.


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