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William James
We can understand his ideology from his views expressed in the book, `Talk to Teachers’ ? They are as follows:

"We have of late been hearing much of the Philosophy of tenderness in ...
Wilhelm Wundt

He was invited to join the University of Leipzig. He worked there till 1917. That was the most productive phase of his career. As a result o...
Victor Frankl
Attraction and Repulsion from Psychoanalysis

While in high school, he got attracted to the concepts of Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalysis. Eduard Hirchmann and Paul Schilder gave...
Thorndike Edward Lee
The learning theory of Thorndike represents the original Stimulus – Response Framework (S – R Theory).

Thorndike’s first Theories of Learning (pre – 1930)

Stanley Milgram

After stabilizing and establishing themselves Samuel and Adele decided to have their first child. On a clear spring day, on August 15, 1933, a healthy baby boy was born...
Thomas Hobbes
Six feet tall, straight as a ramrod, Hobbes was a temperate youth, both in terms of wine and women. His sight and witcontinued to the last. In cold weather, he wore a black velvet coat, lined with fur...
Sigmund Freud

Sigmund Freud was the first psychologist to use the term Psychoanalysis. Joseph Breuer was important person who led him to psychoanalysis. The new tech...
Robert Sternberg
His theory of intelligence defined intelligence in three ways – analytical, practical and creative – and that most IQ tests measure only the first (i.e. analytical).

Sternberg devel...
Franz Anton Mesmer, attributed numerous diseases to an impalpable fluid penetrating the entire universe.

Holder of three doctorates

Franz Anton Mesmer, earned ...
"Anyone who has read his illuminating autobiography cannot have failed to note its profoundly pessimistic tone."
-Donald Keith Adams

"His life is a major trage...
Max Wertheimer
Story of Gestalt Psychology

During the fall and winter of 1910, Stumpf offered Max Wertheimer a position at the psychological institute at Frankfurt-am-Main. This enabled him t...
Kurt Lewin
Kurt Lewin made important contributions to the school of Gestalt psychology as a faculty member of Berlin University. He was one of the first to conduct a systematic analysis of an issue fundamental t...
Köhler’s Researches on Apes :

When Wolfgang Köhler was at a primate research center, facilitated maintained by the Prussian Academy of Sciences in the Canary Islands. Maroone...
John Broadus Watson

Watson’s views on prediction and control were welcomed in the business field. The propaganda efforts of First World War gave him the framework of advertising...

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