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N.C. Wyeth
With talented family members spanning three generations, the Wyeth name is an important one in the art world. N.C. Wyeth, along with his son Andrew, and his grandson Jamie, are all well known for thei...
Wright Brothers
Wilbur and Orville Wright were the builders of the world’s first manned and powered flight.

The Wright Brothers started their career as publishers. They published a four- page weekly ...
William Thomson
• William Thomson today can be recognized as the best type of engineer and a true man of science as well. One can say for him that he stands in the world’s greatest physicists roll call of honor.
William Harvey
His Experiments

Harvey was keen on finding answers about the throbbing of the heart and its relation to the circulation of blood. Previous scientists had reached to some conclu...
Wilhelm Roentgen
As a child, Roentgen was fond of roaming in the open country and forests. He loved nature. Tall, slender and broad-shouldered, Roentgen was a young man with distinguished facial features : a broad for...
Werner Heisenberg
Heisenberg’s Matrix Mechanics

The old quantum theory of Bohr and Sommerfeld had seemed to be a reasonably good theory when it was first proposed. But several new discoveries s...
Thomas Henry Huxley
The Voracious Student

Around 1835, Thomas’ father decided to leave Ealing for Coventry, the place where the family had ancestral roots. George was so disillusioned with his poo...
Thomas Alva Edison
SPRING, 1879 He began a search for plentiful supplies of platinum in the mining regions of Canada and in the western and southern United States.

OCT. 22, 1879 Edison co...
Stephen Hawking
One of the burning questions that has confronted man ever since he gathered his intellectto understand, is, what the universe was, and how it came into existence. One and all have debated the creation...
Robert Koch

“Light, more light” – last words of the great thinker of the 18th century, Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe, who was witness to the struggles of that perio...
Robert Hooke
Hooke – Newton Controversy

"He was of an active, restless, indefatigable genius even almost to the last, and always slept little to his death, seldom going to sleep till two, t...
Robert Goddard
His Publication

Dr. Goddard is credited as the first American to publish the theory underlying rocket propulsion and space flight. He did this in his best known publication A M...
Pierre Curie

With age, Pierre’s knowledge of natural history also increased. His father had a good library, which contained many French and foreign language works. The father and son co...
Nicolaus Coppernicus
The days when the church enforced its creed in the name of discipline with rigidity, Copernicus dared to challenge and stand firmly by his convictions before all those who opposed him. Eventually the ...

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