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Sonja Henie

“Physique, co-ordination, and ideas sometimes seem a very small part of what makes a champion.”

“If you start to go the rounds of the competitions, you ca...
Pele's game was so powerful that many a meeting was rescheduled to watch this ‘juggler’ perform on the ground. The matches of the national football teams imposed television schedules on the rhythm of ...
Muhammad Ali
Cassius grew up in West End Louisville, a black-dominated area. His parents were hard working. His father, also named Cassius Clay, was a sign painter and his mother worked as a cleaner and cook. The ...
Martina Navratilova
Chris – Martina : A Fairytale Rivalry

Whenever Martina and Chris faced each other on the tennis court, media-persons would become more alert.Over the years, all sports reporters ...
John McEnroe
At Trinity, McEnroe was ranked 299th of the 300 boys most likely to succeed as an international athlete.

At Trinity, McEnroe had his most success in soccer. As a senior at left wing, he...
Jesse Owens
Jesse is still living all around the world in the form of moments and memories. Many places were named after him and even a club was started in his name to encourage youths who have the talent but lac...
Jack Nicklaus
No one would have heard of Jack Nicklaus, the person who changed the golf scenario for the centuries to come. With voluminous records in his name, he explored and opened new avenues for the game.
Shamont was a strict man enforcing discipline among his children. Yet, he was not rigid and that helped Gary to grow into a self-disciplined, yet open-minded person. Gary lost his father at a very ear...
Don Bradman
Sir Donald Bradman’s marvelous contribution has been rewarded with many prestigious awards and honors.
•In a retrospective of the 20th century, he was selected as ‘Australian Sportsman of the C...
Carl Lewis
On Carl Lewis
"…One of the greatest competitors of all time…He always wanted to be in the arena. He loved the sport. He wanted to compete. He trained hard. His body didn’t dissipate." <...
Babe ruth
The 'Babe'

Brother Gilbert, another inmate at St Mary's, knew Jack Dunn, the then manager of minor league Baltimore Orioles, and talked to him about this talented player. Late...
Arthur Ashe
A Tennis Genius or Black Revolutionary

Arthur Ashe once admitted frankly "If I was remembered as merely a tennis player; I would consider myself nothing but a failure."
Arthur Ashe
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Babe Ruth
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