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2009 (11)
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Hollywoods hottest girls
Hollywoods hottest girls, Yes, girls.

Not young women, not interesting actresses -- we're talking hot girls, and while they may be more than just scorching bodies, that's the important part to get on this list.
Started by : bond , In celebrities Category
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Not all teenagers lead regular lives in schools or colleges. Some of them, like the ones mentioned here, are busy making pots of money, posing for glam photoshoots, jetsetting across the world and hobnobbing with some of the biggest name...

Posted By : melissa on : 14-Jun-2009 Continue reading..
Bar Refaili 23

Bar Refaili, 23

Best known for her romance with Leonardo DiCaprio, the striking Israeli model is well worth all the newsprint one can spare. She has a body to kill for, the kind that bikinis feel lucky to hang from.
Posted By : bond on : 04-Jun-2009 Continue reading..
Avril Lavigne 24

Avril Lavigne, 24

Think Lavigne and you think bright punky pink hair, but the girl can sure fill out a pair of shorts real good and there's something undeniably enticing about her unique bubblegum-sexiness.
Posted By : bond on : 04-Jun-2009 Continue reading..
Katy Perry 24

Katy Perry 24

Rising to fame with a single called I Kissed A Girl, Perry is a buxom singer with a immensely fun attitude, something that appeals more than her bright scarlet lipstick. Well, almost.
Posted By : bond on : 04-Jun-2009 Continue reading..
Keeley Hazell 22
Keeley Hazell 22

Increasingly Britain's hottest woman -- she seems to get more scorching by the day -- the fantabulously-endowed Hazell could thaw many an iceberg. Truly a body that could launch a thousand ships.
Posted By : bond on : 04-Jun-2009 Continue reading..
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