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[sm]A celebrity is a widely-recognized or notable person who commands a high degree of public and media attention. The word stems from the Latin verb "celebrere" but they may not become a celebrity un...- in

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Valentines Day Blog Articles
Are you at a loss for what to buy your loved one on Valentine’s Day? Will you and your sweetheart be far apart this February 14th? Here’s the perfect solution: Gift baskets.[br /] [br /] Fro...- in

My private da blog
[i]Hello this is My private da blog......[/i][br /] [br /][ccc][/ccc]...- in

business, world business, local and internation markets
lets talk about something related to money and business, forex and sensex, stocks and commodities....- in

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Amir Khan and his fans blog
Perfectionist Aamir Khan is mine favourite hero. So here is the blog for all fans of amir khan. ...- in

Roshan travels from USA to India with his ailing grandmother. Little does he know that this quick trip will turn into the longest journey of his life… a journey within! The story is told against the...- in