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lucy liu
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this is business blog
this is business blog...- in

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its time to discover india
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Meera (Sushmita Sen) & Dev (Randeep Hooda) play a couple living in New York. After a few years of marriage and togetherness, they seem to have lost the magic in their relationship.Act - 1It is the eve...- in

Shahid Kapoor Priyanka Chopra sizzling Hot Scans from Cineblitz Magazine
Shahid Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra sizzling Hot Scans...- in

Megan Fox Is That You
Actually, no, it's not, but we consider her to be the Megan Fox equivalent to the porn industry.[br /] Her name is Sasha Grey, and we think she is much prettier than your average porn star. At le...- in

The only thing sure about LUCK is that it will change. Following this saying, this film traces the path of various characters and their lives of how with time and circumstances, peoples life change wi...- in

Companionship, togetherness, love… marriage; the phrase ‘Life Partner’ has different connotations for different people. There is someone made for everyone, including Karan, Bhavesh and Jeet. Kar...- in