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Confess ID : q0is7ijj
i not homework today
Confess ID : ab4gxzzx
i not Alone
Confess ID : n6gv501z
i am not sorry for loving you past present and future you make me believe
Confess ID : gb3tak6j
test test
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Confess ID : fijxzxph
Confess ID : exap623c
I am 38 years old and I use Omegle to jack-off in front of girls I dont 39 need th..
Confess ID : 5xkt3x26
I am a porn addict I love to jack-off while girls watch me I want to fuck my sister-in-..
Confess ID : 1h55b5xc
how 39 s u
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Confess ID : 0qxfcxqa
i have such low self esteem that it hurts. im not overweight but i just feel chubby. i dont like being in pictures.i dont like sitting down ..
Confess ID : niazfb5p
I gave my co-worker a blowjob while his friend was driving me home! Yeah. Whoops. So I'm a waitress, and he's a cook, and I already told hi..
Confess ID : fzfauigk
I gave my uncle a blowjob once when I was a kid because he gave me $50, and I'm a boy which makes it even more wrong.
Confess ID : a2cikyk1
I let my dog lick me out a few times when I was 14. It still sickens me to this day. It is the darkest secret I have, and I will never forgi..
Confess ID : wr21y0tv
I want a fat boyfriend
Confess ID : ws1kdypn
Dear Danielle L. Nottea, I still love you. You've broke my heart twice now and I still love you. I flew across the country to be with you fo..
Confess ID : pn2kibo5
I LOVE reading pro-anorexia discussion board posts while eating. I eat nearly every meal at home in front of the computer. I know it's mean,..
Confess ID : ehrl4gm1
I gave my best friend a blowjob, and he gave me one. We came in eachother's mouths. We're both straight males. But it felt so good to have m..
Confess ID : isbfzewi
I did not came upto your expectation though I tried my Level best...sorry......Next Time I will Try to fullfill Your expectation..............
Confess ID : fmrinux4
I still like her and she still wants nothing to do with me.
Confess ID : 324uo4wv
I am in love with someone who I used to hate. I want to have his babies. I think he is an asshole.
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Confess ID : hrrlcdcx
I wish he wasn't moving. I love him.
Confess ID : nm0lvr01
We just broke up, and I am just so.. sad. That's all it is, really. I'm sad. It's for the best, though. I miss you but I think it's just the..
Confess ID : 5qaetiie
They all think I'm ok now, but I just smile and slash the insides of my legs.
Confess ID : kvol3dbn
I want to tell my first girlfriend how sorry I was for being such a jerk to her. At the time we were going out, she heard me talk to my frie..
Confess ID : bpgblp0n
I've lied so much about a lot of things to friends just to make myself look better. Now it's all crashing down on me from all directions. I ..
Confess ID : 3sctvtro
Now that I've been to/in a wedding, I don't want one of my own. After seeing one firsthand, i'm okay with not having one at all. I understan..
Confess ID : u6qayeo2
oh my fucking lord. my girls dad just walked in on us. oh my god. oh my god. I'm a girl too. FUCK!
Confess ID : iy5jss0w
I love him and that is why I let him treat me this way
Confess ID : bfszqsny
i feel worthless because when my therapist pissed me off she told me she would call me to set up the next appointment. she never called. i'l..
Confess ID : flmk2nvk
I'm only with you so that I don't have to live with my parents. I don't like you, and in spite of what I say, I have no intention of ever ma..
Confess ID : vahxeeg6
I sleepwalk all the time, i once walked to the park.
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