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 Added On....... 11-Oct-2008 POST 
Confess ID : umxsnfnm
I feel like I have never really been apologized too. I feel like I cannot hold a grudge because people will just be like "okay whatever, your friendship is not worth it." People treat me like crap and then when i get mad they just wait until I am ...

Confess ID : azkzxkwl
I like to think I'm independent and proud of myself but I will tailor my conversation and interests to those of other people. I leave out things that I know they don't care about or think are stupid, so it seems that we get along better. Maybe this ...

Confess ID : 3w3uya6y
I hate you for how worthless you make me feel. I am not. I hate you for how much you just feel you can leave the people who care about you behind.

Confess ID : kebu5iei
I once threatened my wife saying that I would divorce her if she didn't let me read her pornographic story.

Confess ID : s0h5giuf
i said no.

Confess ID : fu2rylym
Why do I feel like it's over

Confess ID : zm4witjc
I work in a Chineese restaurant and see 100's of fortune cookie messages a day. I always read them, and nobody does, sometimes even the costumers dont. It's weird, they are so smart and wise. My favorite was this one: "Compromise is always wrong if i...

Confess ID : 4vb6tm3u
I have an above average knowledge and sense for interior decorating for a straight man. It's because my bathrooms have always been full of magazines like "Country Living" and "Better Homes and Gardens" since I was little and I've always read them whi...

Confess ID : 14bmfanv
i should keep myself away because i think everyone can read the expression on my face when i look at you. being near you is hell because the heat that you radiate melts my brain into idiocy. you are driving me crazy. or maybe it is actually my own fa...

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