I am in love with you. Undeniably, completely, head over heels, and eternally in love with you. But because you are who you are, I don’t think it could work. I don’t think you even think of me in that way. I will live my life, find other girls but I will always feel something for you. It will kill me inside when you choose a man and make him the happiest guy on earth. Why couldn’t you be anyone else, anyone?! I love you.
Confess ID: dr3rcidq        Posted On: 11-Sep-2008
i love katherine. everything about her is amazing.. i just wish i could be more than i fri..
I was looking through some Polysics CD's at a record store, when a girl in a purple coat w..
today i was supposed to go to school so i could turn in registration for classes and a who..
I gave my uncle a blowjob once when I was a kid because he gave me $50, and I'm a boy whic..
i am lt vishal gt
I still like her and she still wants nothing to do with me.
You people place far too much importance on a ‘good fuck', and not enough on the per..
I confess 20 times aday and have never seen one of them whats gives?
i feel pretty when i am naked
I am so alone. I desperately need someone to talk to.