i have such low self esteem that it hurts. im not overweight but i just feel chubby. i dont like being in pictures.i dont like sitting down becase it makes me look bigger and i dream about having a nice body. alot of guys are into me but im not happy with myself,
Confess ID: 0qxfcxqa        Posted On: 18-Oct-2008
i was a self confessed man whore. i had loose morals, i slept around, i was a womaniser. h..
Sometimes its hard for me to look at myself in the mirror. 24/M
For years now I've told others that I'm gay and only like boys, and have played the part a..
I love her, but I feel as though our relationship is dying.
There's this woman I met playing a video game. We hit it off immediately, and within a mon..
i love her so much. i used to be a real bastard to her. i can't believe i was. then i real..
when I was in kindergarten I pooped in my pants. When I changed I was supposed to put my d..
Every day i always try to read some of the confessions on tis site. Sometimes i wonder why..
You know, sometimes shit happens, you get depressed and you just want to clean yourself up..
I hate that I'm becoming the clingy typical girlfriend because you deserve so much better ..