i have such low self esteem that it hurts. im not overweight but i just feel chubby. i dont like being in pictures.i dont like sitting down becase it makes me look bigger and i dream about having a nice body. alot of guys are into me but im not happy with myself,
Confess ID: 0qxfcxqa        Posted On: 18-Oct-2008
I'm 18 and I don't know what love feels like. Not even towards my family. Will I ever feel..
None of my friends know I used to be an alcoholic when I was 16.
i still miss you like mad. i miss you terribly. it's driving me crazy that i have lost you..
I wish we could go back to how it was before I told you how I felt about you. You never to..
I think British guys are so faggish. I watch this BBC sex advice tv show here in the U.S...
i believed that you believed in me, that you were different. i guess i was wrong.
i (male) am desprately in love with my best friend, and she doesn't know. i can see her ac..
My mom died a year ago, but I still cry everynight. Sometimes I wish it had been me instea..
I'm addicted to boobs. I'm not kidding, I take dofinalines for it. I'm a woman.
Sometimes I think that life would be all better if I were a vampire slayer.