i have such low self esteem that it hurts. im not overweight but i just feel chubby. i dont like being in pictures.i dont like sitting down becase it makes me look bigger and i dream about having a nice body. alot of guys are into me but im not happy with myself,
Confess ID: 0qxfcxqa        Posted On: 18-Oct-2008
i like her. she doesn't know it.
i'm the biggest virgin ever, and all i ever think about is sex and oral sex. whats wrong w..
i hate people in general. i think they are so nasty and that includes me
Me and my boyfriend broke up about a month ago and neither of us said anything about break..
I had sex for the first time when I was 4 years old. Me and my friend were curious so we w..
They say it's worse before it gets better, but in my life it's more like it's worse before..
why won't she just let me do what I want with my own damn laptop.
I will kick myself every day for not sleeping with you when I had the chance, but that see..
I want to get fucked. I want to be thrown up against the wall and fucked until I can't see..
I pretend that I'm not in love with you and that I don't care that you guys are together. ..