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  Decoding His Body Language POST 
Decoding His Body Language of Love Posted by ketan on 02-Jul-2009 in Decoding His Body Language Viewed 2523 Times.

Start listening to men's body language and never again be fooled by a master of one night stands. Never again miss the cues of good guy telling you that he’s interested, and no more guessing whether or not you should expect his call.

During a conversation, it is a well known fact that the majority of communication is conveyed by body language, not the words that are said. Paying attention to where a man’s eyes move while he talks to you, which way his body leans or his foot points, what he does with his hands, and how he tilts his head can tell you more about how he feels about you than he says. Once you’ve mastered the dialect, you can be sure whether a guy is worth your time as soon as you meet him!

Signs he is attracted to you:
His eyes move in a triangular shape (eye to eye to bridge of nose). As he becomes more attracted to you, experts say that his triangular glances will continue from your eyes to other parts of your body. You are probably used to noticing when a guy is checking you out, but next time, see if his glances are in a triangular shape and you will know if he is really attracted to you or he’s just scanning the room for a nice pair of breasts! You see him tilt his head away from you like a bashful child. Women do this as well, so if you can remember back to the last time you were talking to a man you were attracted to, you’ll remember doing this.

He glances at you out the corner of his eye. You might get this from across the room and that’s good, but the best sign is when you are near him and he tilts his head away from you to give you the sideways glance. If the feeling is mutual, you’ll catch the sparkle in his eye right off the bat.

You catch him smiling suddenly. An outburst of smiling means that he’s overflowing with excitement. He may try to hide it and that would be even more of a tell-all.

You see a sign that his tactile senses become aroused (it’s not what you’re thinking). You might notice him rubbing his jaw or forehead, something he would do unconsciously as a response to his heightened sense of touch. You might be able to tell by how welcoming his reaction is to your touch, so if you are feeling extremely flirty, go ahead and find a reason to reach out for a touch test.

His eyes linger on your lips. You can bet he’s imagining kissing you!

He uses big arm gestures in order to get and keep your attention. Not every guy that is attracted to you is going to move his arms about wildly, but if any of them do, you can take it as a good sign.

He leans back against a wall or in his seat, maybe even putting his hands behind his head. As weird as this sounds, it’s one way a man subconsciously and animalistically attract his mate, like an ape showing off his masculine physique!

Signs he’s into you:

He tilts his head down. Some experts say that this sign has many possible meanings. It could be a sign that he’s shy, uncomfortable or lying. But, he could be showing you his more vulnerable and tender side. He will tilt his head down in effort to quickly collect himself, to save face when he’s feeling too vulnerable. Look for other signs in conjunction with the head tilt to be sure which sentiment it is.

He looks down at his feet with a bit of nervousness. Looking down for too long might suggest a low self-esteem, guilt or disinterest in you, but a little is a good sign. If he looks up at you with a smile and a wrinkled forehead, you can be sure he’s definitely interested in you.

He sits on his hands shyly like a little boy might do. It probably means that he’s a little nervous around you (in a good way) and therefore vulnerable. Sitting on his hands makes him a bit “smaller” and therefore less likely to be made a fool. It could also mean that he’s comfortable around you (two opposite possible meanings, go figure, but either way, it’s a good sign) and he doesn’t have any intentions of going anywhere.

You notice that he tends to separate himself from the group he’s in effort to get you to notice him. A shy guy may opt out of this, but an outgoing one will be sure to step away from the crowd. He finds a way to touch your hand. Not only does this show he's into you, but it shows that he respects physical boundaries. If he finds a way to touch your leg or your tummy or even your shoulder the first day you meet him, you can expect him to push your boundaries even more the next time.

He lifts his shoulders in a sort of childlike manner. That is a sign that he’s excited and a little nervous (he’s got a crush on you). Likewise, if he sits or stands with his toes pointed in (unless his normal walking position is pigeon toed), you can bet he’s liking you a lot.

He extends his hand to you with his palm up. Don Juan and Casanova were experts at the open handed invitation. Women can’t help but respond with expectancy. This must be an innate mating ritual unique to the human race.

Signs he’s interested in what you are saying:

He sits with both feet on the ground. Crossing his legs isn’t a bad sign, but his feet flat on the ground is a good indicator that you have his undivided attention.

If he’s sitting down, he has one leg crossed over the other knee, and his foot is pointed toward you. A foot pointing away from you might suggest he’s keeping his options open.

He mimics or mirrors your body language and tone of voice. Man or woman, old or young, this is something people do when they are truly interested in a conversation.

He leans toward you, creating an intimate space. Everybody does it, sometimes knowingly, sometimes not. It is a way to separate your conversation from everything else around you and it won’t happen if they are bored with your conversation.

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