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  Ideas And Strategy For Your First Date POST 
first date of Love Posted by swayam on 11-Sep-2008 in Ideas And Strategy For Your First Date Viewed 1336 Times.

If your first date comes from online dating it is much better to think about exploring prospects for a long-term relationship only after at least dating once since online dating gives you a larger pool of candidates, . Yes, people these days are falling in love through email, instant messaging, and phone conversations, but I cannot emphasize enough the value of sizing up someone in person before you do anything more substantive. First Date Important Rule: It is important that you exercise some precaution on the first date. So I would strongly warn you against visiting someone at home. For the same reason, it is better not to invite someone over to your home. A public place is strongly recommended where you can get to chat a little bit without the pressure of staying too long or the need to be romantic. So stay away from dates that require lot of planning (e.g. movies, museums, public parks, etc.) or force you to stay at least for a definite period of time (e.g. meal in a fancy restaurant). I think a café attached to a bookstore is the best alternative though if you want to make it more fun, a bar is a good alternative. Once you finish your coffee or drink, you can simply leave if things do not go very well. In both cases, there is rarely any pressure to leave after you finish your beverage; so it is easy to stay longer if you are having a good time.
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  Dating Ideas POST 
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