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Flirting Tip #1: How to Approach Her How to Tell if He's .. The Eyebrow Lift Do you know HOW to f..
Slight Parting of th.. Body Language Flirti.. flitring tips flitring tips Flirting Tip #2:
Flavored Flirting Tip #3: flitring tips Flitring Tips Body Language Flirti..
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Body Language Flirting Sign three Making Frequent ..
Two simple points here: First, all guys (including Christian guys) are attracted by sight, and have a healthy appreciation for the female attributes, ...
Slight Parting of the Lips
His lips may automatically part for a second when your eyes first meet.
The Eyebrow Lift
When a guy first sees a girl he's attracted to, chances his eyebrows will rise and fall. Quickly. (You can slip the flip of an eyebrow back at him, if...
Color Of Clothes
What color can you wear to compel the opposite sex to approach you? According to Color Consultant Leatrice Eiseman, Director of the Pantone Color Ins...
Body Language Flirting Sign four Grooming Self
This body language flirting sign includes doing such things as fixing collars, pulling up socks, straightening ties. This is the male ego’s way of pre...
Body Language Flirting Sign two Modeling
What? Well behavioural scientists say when someone is body language flirting they subconsciously “model or line up” with the behaviour of the person o...
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