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loove I Can't Function.. lovestory The CD Boy unsure love fina..
love story The Love of My L.. A Couple's Heart.. blind love We Knew We Had N..
A Sad Love Story love my love We werent meant .. Far Away Love
This is a testin.. love and friends.. Love of my life Dear Vampire love - B..
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Far Away Love
Well i have to start with me and my boyfriend of almost 5 years live in different cities. The cities are 4hour...
Love of my life
my girl lives in Texas and me in Michigan, we had gone to same school back like 9 years ago, and then parents ...
This is the story of a boy and a girl he was 10 and she was 11 years old the 1st time they set eyes was in fan...
Vampire love - Blood
I don't know why but sleeping wasn't as comfy as I thought it would be for some reason I couldn't sleep I was ...
lonely with you
They say that love doesn’t last. They lied, because it sure is hard to stop loving someone. No matter what t...
The Story of ROMEO and JULIET
Based on the play by William Shakespeare, as told by Bart Marks In the town of Verona lived two families, t...
Story of Moe and Mirvat
My Name is Moe am 27 years old, I live in United Arab Emirates, in Abu Dhabi, and 14 years ago when I was like...
Our Fairytale
Michael came to me at a time in my life when I was in total despair. I was in a very abusive marriage…menta...
Leap of Faith
My family calls me Mitchie.Well where do i start im just your average teenager who likes to have fun and hang ...
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