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  Far Away Love POST 
Far Away Love Posted by cheecks on 04-Aug-2008 in Far Away Love viewed 664 Times.
Well i have to start with me and my boyfriend of almost 5 years live in different cities. The cities are 4hours away, and we only see each other every few months. So we are tryin to deal with that in our relationship. When we first met he lived only 30 minutes away. We saw each other everyday or every other day. We both live in Florida, I'm from New Jersey and he is from Boston. Also we love each other with all of our hearts, but we have trusting issues mostly me with the issue. Most of the time I accuse him of things that he's not really doing, and of course he gets upset. I'm really insecure because of the things he's done to me. Even though he's done that he is a very romantic, and passionate with me. We were living together for 6 months,it was great but like any couple we had our rough days. At first we were living in Miami, but then we moved in with his parents, and it was great at first, but then it became chaos with his brother for some reason I don't know why?!. He started to HATE! ME. In conclusion my boyfriend and I love each other no matter what life brings us. Notes From The Author: I LOVE U BABE! U KNOW WHO YOU ARE MY HAITIAN DELIGHT
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