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JORGE and AMAIRANI Posted by cheecks on 04-Aug-2008 in JORGE and AMAIRANI viewed 691 Times.
This is the story of a boy and a girl he was 10 and she was 11 years old the 1st time they set eyes was in fantasy land a skating place where the school had taken them for a field trip. They where sitting right next to each other not knowing each other they started talking and hanging out they spend the whole day together in fantasy land and peter piper they had so much fun together. After that day everything change they became unseparable they would always be together. Until she moved on to 6th grade and him to 5th grade. They got separated not because they wanted to but because they would attend different schools. They knew that they liked each other but never said anything because they where really young. After a year they saw each other in middle school but this time it was different they both where different it was like if they had never meet before thy wouldn’t talk at all things just weren’t like before when they would always be together. During her 7th grade she moved to El Paso and he stayed in San Juan where she used to live. He thought that she had just moved houses or school. Years and years when by and they never new anything about about each other until one day she was just sitting in the computer going through My space and all of the sudden she decided to search for him on my space it was so weird how he just came to her mind after 6 years not thinking that it was going to be that easy finding him but she was wrong he was the first one on the list even though he didn’t have a picture she just knew it was him so she added him and message him a day later he wrote back at first he didn’t recognized her until he stared going through the pictures and remember her. That night she gave him her number and didn’t think he was going to call but he did they spend hours talking remembering old times because know they weren’t thou little kids any more he had just turned 17 and she was already 17. After that day everything changed for her she started to feel something she had never felt before and so did him. After they had time talking with him she just knew hw was the one because he was just perfect and the had the best relationship ever of course they had their ups and downs but it was rare. After 7 months they broke up and all because of a stupid thing she wasn’t thinking right. 2 weeks passed by and she thought she was going to be ok but she wasn’t know she had realized what she was loosing and she didn’t want that to happen because she loved him so much and couldn’t be without him. She wanted to talk to him so bad but was afraid that he didn’t want anything to do with her until one night thanks to her aunt she called him it was just weird how she didn’t know what to say like if it was the first time she had ever talked to him but he was still the same. They stared talking again but weren’t going out this time they had decided that they where going to go back once they saw each other again. A month later she went to Corpus and San Antonio he knew she was going over their and he also went just to see her he spend 2 days at corpus and 2 days in San Antonio with her. When they saw each other at corpus she was nervous but once she had him in front of her she was so happy and excited that night they went walking along the beach they had so many things to talk about and the next day the same they where together the whole day, A day later they saw each other in San Antonio in 6 flags they had the best time of their life just because they where together. During this days she realized that she loved him more than what she thought. For the first time she felt what love felt like. Know their together and this time forever because distance and time to them don’t matter their love is bigger than anything in the world. I love u Jorge.
Tags : JORGE and AMAIRANI love story
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