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  Vampire love - Blood POST 
Vampire love - Blood Posted by bond on 14-May-2009 in Vampire love - Blood viewed 652 Times.
I don't know why but sleeping wasn't as comfy as I thought it would be for some reason I couldn't sleep I was thinking about what was written in the book all sort of questions were coming in my mind like What if I turn evil? Or What if I do something that will hurt someone? I never want to be evil not in million years. I always been the nice one even my dad use to say that I'm the nicest girl he have ever seen. Yes I have my moments when I get mad but I still apologize. I don't know why I was getting this uncomfortable feeling like something bad is about to happen and I just don't know it. The time went by slow when I woke up it was around 10. I was getting used to this day and night change. 'So are you ready to use the power of air today?' Someone said from behind. I was in my room getting ready and didn't even realize that someone was standing behind me. 'Um ya....’ I said turning around. To my surprise it was Evan, most of the time I can tell that is him. I know he is used to sneaking up on me but for some reason I couldn't tell is him. 'You’re beautiful' He said moving towards me and touching my cheeks. For a moment I don't move. There was something about Evan that wanted me to go towards him. I haven't said this but from few days I have been getting this weird feeling about him and I know this isn't good. I know that we have some kind of bond and I know that is not emotional is because of the blood he drink from me that night but it is so hard to control myself. When he comes in front of me I get this feeling for his blood which freaks me out. I can sometime hear his blood going down his veins which makes me want him more and more. I turn around and start brushing my hair. 'Common Rose I can feel the tension you have, I know you want me Rose. I know you want my blood' He said putting his hand on my stomach. His hands were warms I wanted to move his hand but I couldn't I felt like something was stopping me from doing this. He turns me around and kisses my lips. I still don't move a weird power have taken over me and all I could think of was him and his blood. I could see he was feeling the same way the way his tongue was moving, the way his eyes were looking at me. I start kissing him back. He moves his lips towards my neck and start kissing me there. I was getting hot I wanted more. I just wanted to taste him. He bites my neck softly and blood comes out and he licks it lightly. He keep on sucking on the place where the blood was coming out I was feeling pressure rather than pain. I was enjoying it which was freaking me out but I couldn't think right that time. I bite his lip and the taste of his blood goes in my mouth. 'Damnit!' I said tasting it. I didn't say this because it tasted bad but I said it because it tasted more than good. It tasted better than anything else I have ever tasted. 'Bite me....’ Evan said looking into my eyes. I start moving back I wasn't sure what I was doing but I felt so tempted. I know it was wrong but it felt so right. I bite his neck softly and the taste of blood comes in my mouth again. This time it tasted better than the first time. It was warm and sweet. It was something that I never thought I can enjoy. I was feeling tempted, I was feeling a need to suck the blood and that’s what I was doing. I could tell he was enjoying this; his both hands were pressing my stomach from the side. It was unusual but yet good. I don't know how long this went on for but when we were done. We both look at each I didn't really know what to say. I didn't mean all this to happen I don't know where this came from but like I said before it felt like something have just taken over me and I couldn't control it. 'Had fun didn't you' Evan said kissing my lips. I didn't answer but in my mind I said yes I did had fun this was the best feeling I had ever gotten. It felt like having sex yet better than that. 'Let's go downstairs' He said grabbing my hand and pulling me up. I was feeling weird about the fact that I have tasted someone blood but at the same time I wanted more. I don't know why maybe this was supposed to happen. In the book they did said that the vampire need to drink blood at least once a day but I didn't expect me drinking it. I was disgusted by it but at the same time I liked it. Originally Written By : annie09
Tags : vampire, love, blood, love story
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