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looove Posted by hitesh_patel on 16-Jul-2008 in looove viewed 598 Times.
When I tried to open the file I made a massive mess of my Kazaa, and was unable to re-download it. So I went and downloaded I-mesh. While I waited for my tunes to download I went into the chat room and waited for someone to pm me. When no-one did I double clicked on an interesting name: punk_and_disorderly. Not knowing my whole life from that second forward would have been changed forever. I met a wonderful guy named Matt he made me see I had been settling for second best in my life... and that I deserved more than I was getting, and he could give the best to me. Matt and I chatted on msn for a few days..And then his pc went down hill..Matt ran to a near by internet cafe and began to e-mail me. Including his cell phone number..I called him regularly and we talked for hrs, I instantly fell in love but was too scared to tell him this. One night Matt and I were talking on the phone when he said "Sheri you know what?" and I said what Matt, and he said "I love you Sheri" I almost died right there I have never heard those words sound so sweet coming from someone’s lips and I followed by a very long sigh and returned with " I love you too Matt". Matt and I sit on the phone for hrs still, I am know by name at the stores where I get the calling cards to call him, we can talk for ever about music and laugh at the way I say certain words that sound funny to him also the plans we have for when I do move to Bahrain to be with him. So many weird things have happened to Matt and I that we have had to over come with a 7hr time difference I call him an every hour of the day and he is so well spirited about it. He never takes what I do for us for granted and always thanks me. Matt and I have exchanged pics, letters and such. We have been talking to each other’s friends for a while now a lot of his mate’s know of me and about me coming there and are excited and happy for him that he is so happy with me. Matt and I still talk almost every day and he even asked me to come there to visit which quickly changed to me coming and to live with him. I love Matt and I always will. I can not stress enough that these relationships over the net aren’t imaginary and they can work out if you try hard enough and want it bad enough. Since this is 'our' story and not just 'my' Matt will submit some too now.
Tags : lovestory
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