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love and friendship at net Posted by cheecks on 29-Jul-2008 in love and friendship at net viewed 688 Times.
I really appreciate all your all opinions about my love story. Last December 24 before the Christmas comes I opened ma net and i chat at regional rooms people there are talking the same mostly about sex. So i got bored then i went to hobbies and craft room the room was so silent. So, i greet everyone. then, someone replied to me. So, we started talking, then i found him very different and unique from all people that i met in a chat room. One thing i noticed he always want to do a BUZZ, but i never get bored to him. Then, after that day we started to know each other. We both exchanging information about our self. We exchange cellphone numbers. Then, we become bestfriend. I shared a lots of my problems to him especially my love life problems. Then, i also introduce to him to my two very close friends and they become friends too. He also introduce to me his two very close friends and they become my friends too. So, as day pass by i didn't notice that i change step by step through his help. The real me back to me again. I mean i become normal and very active again as a human being, and my friends saw all the changes in me. Because of him now i know how to treasure friends and what friendship really means, and life too. He taught me how to enjoy my life that my boyfriend sealed it. My boyfriend knows a little bit about him. first, it is okay to my boyfriend but suddenly he started to act very weired. My boyfriend and I started to fight because of my bestfriend. He is jealous to my bestfriend. I told that to my bestfriend and he said "let's try not to talked for about one month, and let's see if he will back to normal. If it's back then let's just mail one another but we will not talk through chatting." So, I agree to survive my relation with my boyfriend even though the decission hurt us.Then, I told that to my Boyfriend but he said "he don't trust me anymore." Ofcourse it hurts me a lots, I change myself because is it for my own good and not for bad. We still trying to survive the relationship because I don't want him to think that because I met someone I am not like his girlfriend before. So, I tried hard to fix our relation but then i am just a human being, I also get tired of proving ma self then one day i woke up i suddenly felt that i can't take it anymore. I am not love him anymore. Then, I said that to him but we didn't break up yet. He said "we will fix it". But then our communication ends. So, I sent mail to my bestfriend and told everything to him. He gave me advices and he s hoping that one day my relationship with my boyfriend will be okay. So, we started talking again. He said that I change him because he becomes very emotional when it comes to me. We've been bestfriends for about seve(7) months. Then, in that seven months many things happens (happy,and sad) but we are still bestfriends. I am helping him to find a right girl for him then suddenly i felt something strange. I suddenly felt that I like him but I ignore it because of the reason that i am still having a boyfriend although we don't have communication for about 4 months now. Then, one day my bestfriend asked me what are the signs if you are inlove. So, I told him what are the possible signs base on my experience. Then, when i asked him "are you inlove with someone?". He said he is not yet sure about it. So, I asked the name of the girl and he said "he is inlove with me". Ofcourse I was shocked yet flattered coz I also like him but then I need time to think if Im gonna say that we're having same feeling. Aside that i still have boyfriend. But then, "Love is really Unpredictable" we don't know when and how it will happens, but when it happens and when you feel it. Even though you want to control it you can't control it. Even we know it's not right still for you its right cause you are inlove.I know i have two choice, one is we remain best friend and two is to tell to him what i feel. So, i asked my two very close friends. They said "it's ok because its really obvious to both of you. Giving effort to talk to each other and having time difference it's really have something. But, first fix your relation with your boyfriend." So, I asked ma self if there is still love for my boyfriend but ma heart is now beating for my bestfriend. So, i choose to say to him that i feel the same but then i dont want to be unfair, And he said "he s willing to wait". And we are still best of friends although our relationship is more than a best friend. Right now i am waiting for the time that me and my boyfriend see each other again then i will end up our relation. I know i am unfair to him. But i know god have his own plan why he let this happened. Now, my bestfriend and I are very much happy being together even thought our relationship started at internet. But as long as we love each other and as long as we are happy being together i know our love and friendship will be strong... Love moves in a mysterious ways. We can't predict whom we want or need to love or to be love. But one thing important we must know our self and we must know what we really want and whom we will be happy, not all love stories starts with a good or beautiful story some of it are like my love story. Notes From The Author: “For my janu that taught me how to enjoy life and treasure friends and most of all for always keeping me happy every day of my life. I love you so much janu(my life)...”
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