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Proud I'm so happy, I’m so overwhelmed. He did, He sure did. He stopped drinking, He stopped bar hopping. He seems so happy, Smiling all the time. I cry, But not cause I’m sad. Not cause I’m mad, Cau...  erotic poems
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It all started with memories as a child I was so young just nine I was raised well but the thought still stayed in my mind Why would God let this happen to me A child of molestation, holding deep fears even as a man Not knowing how to let g...  erotic poems
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For the rest of my life, cursed with this disease for all those who suffer, we just gotta believe believing in yourself is the hardest thing to do so take a look in the mirror and ask,” do u see u?" everyday and every night we hurt wi...  erotic poems
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Today I sat and tried my best to think. If it could end your life why would you drink? I wish I knew how to change your mind. Life is too precious to leave it all behind. How can you just turn around and walk away. When we need a dad here f...  erotic poems
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A naïve girl led down the wrong path A promising future pulled from her grasp. So innocent and true for him her heart grew. Blinded by a drowning soul A helping hand pulled in the same hole. Tricked into a life where she never belonged...  erotic poems
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My handsome fatal foe,[br /] why are you gone so long?[br /] I can’t stop my heart from trembling, missing you.[br /] You put some sugar on the tip of my nose.[br /] I cannot lick it,[br /] though it smells so nice.[br /] You leav...  erotic poems
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Hot sand between my toes[br /] Coconut scented oil glimmering on my skin[br /] Margaritas on the rocks[br /] Relaxation setting in[br /][br /] Caribean breeze blowing through my hair[br /] Waves of turquoise water crashing the shore[br /] Your sensu...  erotic poems
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[b]Beloved,[/b] In what other lives or lands [i]Have I known your lips Your Hands [/i] Your Laughter brave Irreverent. Those sweet excesses that I do adore. What surety is there That we will meet again, On other worlds some Future time und...  erotic poems
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The Year of the Dragon 1976 Beautiful and bright was the Young Dragon. Capable and caring, Sensitive but strong, The life of the Young Dragon Couldn't go wrong. Upright and steadfast, Courageous with might, Who knew the Dragon...  erotic poems
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Sitting alone by the fireplace on a cold stormy night[br /] I suddenly thought of you[br /] As I watch the fire blaze[br /] And felt its heat touch my face[br /] I remembered the very first night[br /] We made love to each other[br /] It was al...  erotic poems
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Will sorry ever be enough? As I sit here and think Of all the lies that you told The nights I would lay awake and wonder The broken promises thrown out with last weeks recycling I think… If I even heard sorry the right way Would...  erotic poems
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When we sit and we think about are childhood and what you did We wonder why you did those things You made us cry and you didn't care you said you were sorry but you were never there mom I love you and I wont you to know you made me brave ...  erotic poems
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*An Addict I'm Not... so he pushes me away hoping I won't see it, and lead him astray *An Addict I'm Not... but I must still live the life dealing and coping praying one day he'll stop *An Addict I'm Not... maybe I feel it more know...  erotic poems
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Needle ...  erotic poems
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A woman wrote: A truly amazing collection of erotically lust-filled carnal yearnings. It is nice to know that there are people like you who understands and enjoys the fact that these feelings, wants, and desires are beautiful and meant to be shared. ...  erotic poems
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