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school poems
खामोशी के पन्नो पर बचपन की याद लिख दे , इन अनसुनी राहों पर आज कोई फ़रियाद लिख दे . वो कोमल सी निष्प...
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school poems
कानों में घंटी की आवाज़ फिर गूँज उठेगी , टीचर की प्यार भरी डांट जैसे कानों को छू कर निकलेगी . हँसी...
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school poems
Raah dekhi thi is din ki kabse, Aage ke sapne saja rakhe the naajane kab se. Bade utavle the yahaan se jaane ko , Zindagi ka agla padaav paane ko . Par naa jane kyon …Dil mein aaj kuch aur aata hai, Waqt ko rokne ka jee chahta hai. Jin baton ko le...
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school poem
School can be fun School can be boring school can bring friends school can bring enemies school can bring rules But u can break them school brings bullies school bring work School brings cheating School you learn new thing School you try you best Sch...
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school poems
Kuch baatein bhooli hui, kuch paal beete hue, har galti ka ek naya bahana, aur fir sabki nazar mein aana, exam ki puri raat jaagna, fir bhi sawal dekh kaar sar khujlana, mauka mile to class bunk marna, fir dosto kay saat coffee pine jaana, uski ek jh...
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It\'s Monday morning at 7:01. You’re still half asleep; your homework’s half done. Your shower is cold; your oatmeal’s dry. Your mother forgets to kiss you good-bye. You’re walking to school; it’s thirty degrees. Yo...
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New Rules
If I ran the school, I would change lots of things. The lunchroom would serve lots of hot chicken wings. The school everyday would be started at two, and we would go home with no homework to do. There would be no holes in my discipline card, and kids...
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Homework Oh Homework My Dog Thinks It s Great
Homework, oh homework, my dog thinks it’s great, ‘cause when he goes out, he shares it with his date. Homework, oh homework, my dog thinks it’s swell, ‘cause when he eats homework his breath doesn’t smell.
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Homework Oh Homework I Wish I Had More
Homework , oh homework, I wish I had more, ‘cause life without homework would be a big bore. Homework, oh homework, I wish I had more, ‘cause school without homework would be a big snore. Homework, oh homework, I wish I’d had more, ‘cause w...
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what is school like
# 460 on top 500 Poems User Rating: 7.9 /10 (16 votes) 0 Print friendly version 0 E-mail this poem to a friend 0 Send this poem as eCard 0 Add this poem to MyPoemList 0 Add this poet to MyPoetList School is like a pri...
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school just school
smiley for :roll:School we need it school, friends school you have teachers school is great high school is even better college, PARITES
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Take my hand
Take my hand, O Lord and Master Lead me upwards, heaven bound Walk beside me and undergird me As I struggle while aground Help me make the right decisions In my walk to do Your will Please, Lord, give me courage To make corrections when I spill Now...
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