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My mom is like an alarm clock. She wakes me up every morning. She doesn’t go beep, beep, beep… Instead, she yells, “If you don’t come down in one minute, you’ll be late for school!”...  family
Joshua can burp the ABCs. Mr. Johnson can dunk the basketball. Joshua can stay under water for twenty seconds. Keri can put her legs over her shoulders. David M. can make strong smells in strange places. David B. can’t stop giggling. Jason can...  genearal poems
Mary had a little horse. She fed it every day— apple pie with cinnamon, she brought it on a tray! After she fed the horse, she went out for a ride. When the horse was galloping, they went so fast, she cried! ...  genearal poems
Mary had a little class. While walking down the hall, they followed every step she took, then ran into a wall! She hoped that it would knock some sense into their stubborn heads. Instead they took the school bus home and fell into their beds! Tha...  beautiful poems
Mary had a dragon. The dragon was bright red. And if it threw a flame at you, you surely would be dead!...  genearal poems
My Beautiful World is kind My Beautiful World is sweet My Beautiful World is nice My Beautiful World is generous My Beautiful World is selfless...  beautiful poems
Mountain hyena, Coming from the caves, Making a laughter shriek, Showing its sharp teeth, As though yawning. Looking from side to side, Searching for prey. There it has spotted one. Without wasting time, It speeds up for it, And pounces on it.:roll::...  animal poems
A Mountain Lion Paces back and forth In the dark confines Of the County Zoo He sees people poke Their faces at him Creeping and reaching Staring and staring The same scenery Over and over He\'s restlesss and nervous He needs a change He\'s captive ...  animal poems
On a sunny day, I sat on my porch swing And watched a cool fresh summer rain Everything then seem to come so alive Birds flew to birdbaths to take a dive My horse started galloping with glee Putting on a show to entertain me The donkey, he was hee-ha...  animal poems
When all my dreams had faded away, when all my thoughts had gone astray you suddenly came to rescue me, and brought me back to where I should be you help me reach the unreachable star, and heal my heart from a previous scar you added and strengthened...  angel poems
My Angel, My Sweet, How I long for us once again to meet. How I long to run my fingers though your hair and to smell your suculent perfume in the air. Oh how I long to feel your face, and to sense your gentle presence all over the place. I want to ca...  love poems
You were on my mind when i woke up this morning remembering your smile i guess the next time i'll see your face will take a little while i was remembering your arms around me love the way they always feel warm with you by my side i completely feel n...  love poems