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Oreo Cookie Poem: Dunking an Oreo in Milk First, I pour some milk into a glass. Then, I dunk the cookie quickly in milk. (If I dunk it too long, then it gets too squishy and too messy to eat.) Then I eat the wet part that was in the milk. Then I dun...  family
O cloudy day, when things go wrong and nothing comes my way O me , O my when I feel sad and only want to cry O blessed heart when things do hurt it nearly falls apart O my dear soul you\'re down again when are you getting whole On bended knee my ...  beautiful poems
Sitting alone by the fireplace on a cold stormy night[br /] I suddenly thought of you[br /] As I watch the fire blaze[br /] And felt its heat touch my face[br /] I remembered the very first night[br /] We made love to each other[br /] It was al...  erotic poems
If I had one wish. If one desire could come true. If I had one wish. My wish would be you. If I could choose. I would stay in your arms forever. Our hearts would fuse. And our love would become an endeavor. I would wish for you to stay with me. For...  love poems
Amanda, you've broken my heart! I'm plunged into deep misery. You've told me I only die once Then I can't pay no more GST! I longed for a life so eternal From these mortal chains to be free With only one purpose in mind - Keep paying that sweet GST!...  political poems
I don'?t know what I'm doing, Though your worth wondering a blind trail Good or bad Knowing with every step it's a step closer to you Takes the fear away I was once so scared... now knowing The more I tell you I love you The more I think...  love poems
I can't stop thinking about you your never not here just sitting in my mind making me wonder what i am suppose to do with you and you are so wonderful but this love is blind it doesn't know what to do with you and i have finally left that oth...  love poems
Caught In your seduction Confined In my curiosity Will you kiss me? Held In your eyes Lost In your taste Wait another day Tried For all control Broke Through open walls Cried When no one would listen But I saw your eyes Anf felt safe again Hard to ...  love poems
The first time I saw you, I knew you were the one. There was no question in my mind, after having that much fun. There's just something about you, that I've never found before. And now that we're good friends, I find myself wanting more....  love poems
A castaway in the shadows He dreams of dancing meadows And love everlasting His mind always casting Always rejected and lame Not one flicker of fame His mercury wish Playing, Silent like a fish An obsession with one girl To him, a beautiful...  love poems
If I ever needed it or if it was ever wanted, I would get it from you and I could ask this of you... forever and ever, because I know it's always there - and I know you're always there. So if I cry and ask you to never leave... just say "ok...  love poems
Soft and fresh snow of alpine Feels so good when I touch It is cold yet warm on my lips A snow-angel of this mountain Yes, your heart is hot I vouch 'Cause mine ache for only yours Aroma and colour of eglantine Ever intoxicating as I watch Even ...  love poems