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Koi umeed barr nahi aati, Hukumat Kahan hai nazar nahi aati? Chup reh kar b dekh liya hum ne, Sharam un ko mgar nahi aati, Pehle hoti thi loadsheding 1 ghanta Ab saara din light ghar nahi aati, Cheeni thi 20 rupay kilo jo kabi, Ab to 20 ki Pao...  political poems
Jagah-Jagah par poster lage hai Mera desh mahaan. Sansad mein sab chor base hai Thagg base hai thane mein, Kursi par aise hai baithe jaise Saanp lipte hon chandan mein Media ab kya kare bakhaan, Jagah-Jagah par poster lage hai Mera Desh Mahaan. Kahi...  political poems
Neta ji swarg sidhaare Neta ji swarg sidhaare, sabhi jaali STAMP PAPER lekar sidhe wahin padhaare. padhaarte hi COMMISSION par bhaashan dene lage, swargwaasiyon ko SWISS BANK ka pataa dene lage. kuchh hi ghanto mein neta ji ka bol-baala barh gaya,...  political poems
Aaj ke is kalyug me kaha hai gandhi ki toli ? saath me jise liye chalte thi shanti hi gita ki hamjoli ramdev, anna bhi gaye sarkar ke is khatai me shanti ke saath chaturai bhi gayi bhrashtachar ki ladai me nahi mila mukaam abtak jiski hame talash t...  political poems
Mere parammitr ne kaha, mujhe rajneeti me jana hai, jakar jan seva ka farj nibhana hai, maine kaha mahashay jaisi hai apki shakl, mari gai vaise hi aapki akl, rajneeti koi bachho ka khel nhi, koi bhi chor yaha fail nahi, aur to aur chori ke baad jyad...  political poems
Perched on death, Waiting to catch the breeze, In a golden cup, Of summer and haze, Death comes swiftly to, The little wanderers, And to the guttural frog in the mud puddle. Fierce as the winds that howl, Across the gasping prairies, And the undulati...  animal poems
Predator The cries of the hunter ring free within the night and pursue in damning darkness through the garden of all sight. Evil is reflected from the evil same, all fights give up disaster in the sickness of the game. Surely,injuries are open to ...  animal poems
Winter, spring, summer and fall are my favorite season. I am a raven. I steal because I need. My family make no excuses for our actions we live how we live and we let others know we’re alive. Lamar snow and chilly forty below, four-thirty sun...  animal poems
લે કાળ ! તને સંતોષ થશે, હું તારે ઈશારે ચાલું છું, જ...  genearal poems
Pretty women wonder where my secret lies. I'm not cute or built to suit a fashion model's size But when I start to tell them, They think I'm telling lies. I say, It's in the reach of my arms The span of my hips, The stride of my step, The curl of my ...  love poems
We have had many wars before So you can’t ignore this war, Because this one will truly be hard core, You can say goodbye when death Comes from the sky, why oh why, Luckily we have our allies, So pick up your guns and cease, The peace, t...  school poems
Perhaps you want a moment for reflection Or a glimpse of someone's struggles with perfection. Even greyhounds need a clear, still light To bring them to the precipice of night. Rest here, then, where joys and sorrows blend; Yearning needs no goa...  genearal poems