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Don’t lick on my face. Don’t mess up the rug. Don’t bite my neck when I give you a hug. Don’t fight with your brother ‘cause that isn’t nice. Don’t scratch when you’re near me, ‘cause you...  animal poems
Don’t scratch when I’m petting. Don’t hiss when we kiss. Don’t screech when I’m sleeping, you’ll ruin my bliss. I like when you snuggle. I like when you purr. Especially when I pet your soft fur. ...  funny poems
Row, row, row your boat gently ‘cross the river. I won’t be home at dinnertime, ‘cause Mom is cooking liver. Row, row, row your boat gently ‘cross the river. I wish I wore my fuzzy coat, I soon will start to shiver. Row, r...  natural poems
Row, row, row your boat gently ‘round the bay. Don’t go swimming overboard until the month of May. Row, row, row your boat gently ‘round the bay. Don’t go swimming overboard on a freezing day....  genearal poems
When you think about our lives – Screaming kids and nagging wives: \'Can\'t smoke here – no! not there – Your bloody fags, they drive me spare! ...  life poems
Remember what you did for me, remember what i did for you, remember what you did for us, remember what we did for you. remember, remember all the good times. leave all the bad times in the past and forget them for all time remember you rejected m...  love poems
We find ourselves letting go not because there's no more love to give but because we find no more reason to share it. Love loses its purpose when there isn't any bond, any understanding, any giving and taking. In order to love someone, you mu...  love poems
The day that you came and got me was the most exotic day i could have asked for. you got me at 4:00 and took me to our place. We got there and it was hot. you kissed the most passionate way you could and held me in your arms I couldnt wait till ...  love poems
This is a poem of a girl and boy .. loved her so much . loved him for ever . but they are romeo and Julita , what a story of love . i want to be like them . what do you say ? are you agree ? i will be great for you . we will be in heaven , in ...  love poems
Crossed my heart, Hoped to die. Always and forever, What a beautiful lie. You never let me forget, Oh how I want to forget. Chorus: Bleeding inside out, Take pleasure in my misery. I despise you so, Oh baby please don't leave. You're words a...  love poems
Love was here now its gone i don't know how to carry on ... i was here now i am not i am lost in myself i feel like i am knot tied up no one here not even myself .... feels like i lost everyone thous word change me forever... hard to think ...  love poems
Let me be the lipstick That sticks to your lips. But men will wipe it off Or you will end of the evening. Let me be the glasses you wear That I can be close to eyes blue. But laser will some day lighten Your eyes and back to the coffin Of a...  love poems