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There was an old lady who lived in a cave. She had a long mustache ‘cause she didn’t shave. She slept with the bears who were hibernating. And when they woke up, they were celebrating! They danced and they balanced on tightropes and ...  natural poems
Talon burped the alphabet, he burped out ABC. The audience was grossed out, and they began to flee! Keegan has a big thumb. He made it disappear. We thought he’d pull it out his nose, he pulled it out his ear! Drew was juggl...  life poems
Josh can burp the ABCs, but his breath’s not the best. We had to clear the classroom. We missed the spelling test. Joe can dunk the basketball. He was a high-school star. Now he teaches fourth grade, and raids the cookie jar. Lindsey sleep...  historical poems
Oreo cookies, I love them so well. I eat three or four when I hear the lunch bell. And then in the lunchroom, I eat twenty more. I’m feeling so heavy, I crash through the floor. Then back in the classroom, my teacher says, “Please, ca...  genearal poems
Tim can wiggle both his ears. You probably shouldn’t try, ‘cause when he flaps them very fast, he soon begins to fly. Tyler likes to cross his eyes. He soon is going to find, that if he crosses them too much, the poor kid might go blin...  historical poems
Oreo cookies, I love them so well. I eat three or four and my mom starts to yell! I go out the front door and walk down the street. I go to the bus stop, I want more to eat! I reach in my lunch box, some cookies I feel. I show friends my cookies...  family
Oreo cookies, I love them so well. I eat three or four then I’m starting to swell. So I called my mommy, “Oh, come to school, please.” She came in a minute, and gave me a squeeze! I got so embarrassed. “Get me out of here...  genearal poems
Oreo cookies, I love them so well. I eat three or four, then my hips start to swell. The show Biggest Loser is where I must go. But first I must work out to star on the show. ‘Cause I’m just eleven, my mother must drive. The studio...  life poems
My teacher loves her iPod. It’s always in her ear. She doesn’t mind it if we joke or chat ’cause she can’t hear. If we don’t pay attention, she doesn’t seem to care. Whenever she has music on, she wears a di...  funny poems
To love and a wedding ~ I share in the joy of my friends While the air is filled with songs To love, to love and a wedding Blessed are the lives of friends I share in their smiles quite often For their humour is a narcotic It infiltrates almost ev...  wedding poems
Bodies warm with passion\'s heat pressed together in hungry embrace. Intertwined we move as one, synchronizing to the inner beat of desire\'s baton. The erotic rhythm of hips in motion thrusting in time with the melody that steals its way from the de...  erotic poems